If it is easier for you to communicate in English, please read the following short description of my treatment conditions and main therapeutical method. It is also possible to use english language in the consultations. I am not a native speaker, but I have lived abroad long enough to understand and to express myself sufficiently in English, and so I enjoy offering you this facility.
Appointment: Please call my landline 0761-88869155 and either leave a message on my answering machine, or rather call during my talk time:

Monday/ Wednesday 7:00-7:30 in the morning,
and Tuesday/Thursday 14:00-14:30.

You do not need a referral from another doctor. Please bring your insurance chipcard.

Location: 79100 Freiburg, Vaubanallee 53. My office can be approached by wheelchair. Directly opposite the office entrance is the last stop of the tram no.3, Innsbrucker Straße.
Cancellation: If you need to cancel an appointment, please let me know by phone as soon as possible, so that I can fill in somebody else and avoid loss of earnings. Due to my appointment system, you don´t need to spend time in the waiting room, but fairness is required.
My vacations are announced on the answering machine, but only in German. During a current therapy, of course I will tell you my holiday times in advance.
Treatment options: A first consultation can usually be made on short notice. Then we assess your situation and your needs, and decide about the necessary next steps. This can be an acute crisis intervention, or a longer therapy, or a referral to a hospital, to another physician, to a rehab, etc.
Confidentiality: Without your consent, I do not give information about you to other persons, nor to other doctors, therapists, or administrative bodies. The only exception is the health insurance that pays your treatment, or in cases of actual danger to yourself or others. You always have the right to get to know your diagnoses and the records I am making about you.
Costs: are normally covered by all public health insurances and most of private insurances. For self-paying or privately insured patients the fee is decided on by the German guidelines for doctors (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte, GOÄ).
My main treatment method is psychotherapy based on Depth Psychology. This method is based on the concpt that a large part of our thoughts and actions are controlled by the subconcious. Because of that, we sometimes react in ways inexplicable to others and even ourselves. We can be thrown, generally sparked by external events, into such mental distress that neither rational advice nor friendly comfort will be able to cure it. In this case, it can be helpful to gain access to unknown parts of ones consciousness with therapeutic help. Through a deeper understanding of the own disposition, mental complications can be solved. This leaves more energy for changing personal circumstances but also creates more room for accepting and tolerating oneself and others. However, it would be unrealistic to expect becoming a totally different, perfect person, or for external problems completely to disappear.
I do not treat in cases of acute addiction, schizophrenia or psychosis and acute suicidal tendencies.
In my practice, I treat people in familial or professional crises, with depressions, anxiety, compulsory or eating disorders, and I help to cope with critical physical illness. The combination of psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs can be useful in some cases.
For my work it is especially important not to see you only as carrier of a diagnosis, but mostly in your individuality.